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I’m wearing: shoulder bag – xnihilo | chelsea boots – manfield shoes | pants – zara | turtle neck sweater – zara | jacket – zara | glasses – ace and tate (similar here)

Happy Humpday ladies! Today I’ll be sharing with you the perfect minimal bag which is this cute leather shoulder bag by Australian brand Xnihilo. For those who might not know the brand: it’s pretty new since it was only established last year. They’re offering timeless leather bags and pouches for an affordable price for any of your daily looks. Since I’m crazy about bags I couldn’t wait to style it in an, of course, not so minimal outfit.

About the look:

Personally I really like this look because it has different layers that somehow fit well together in my opinion. A turtle neck with chelsea boots and high waisted pants with ruffles on the side. Not your average outfit I would say! To balance out these items I pulled the ‘Will’ bag by Xnihilo which is a simple shoulder bag as you can see. Just for my followers you get 10 % off your order when using ‘thestylevisitor10’ at their checkout. This is until the 28th of February so be sure to check out their website as soon as you have some spare time. It’s made of soft leather and has three card compartments right when you open it. No wallet necessary! Then I didn’t even start talking about the jacket I’m wearing which is a cute variation of a biker jacket. It has small golden details all over with stars and circles. A total must-have for next Spring season I would say! What do you think of my look and this new minimal bag? And do you have a favorite accessories brand?

Coming up:

As you might’ve noticed on IG I’ve received three beautiful prints this week to decorate my home with. Time for me to write a blogpost about these beauties and give you some more insight into my home interior! I love making flatlays and interior posts so I hope you’ll like them as much as I do. This weekend I’ll be helping out a friend with moving and I’ll have another shoot with one of my friends. What are you upto this weekend? Please let me know in the comments below or give me a shoutout on IG. Looking forward to all your comments!

Wishing you all a lovely day.

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4th May 2016




ENG // Hello and good morning! Today I’ll be reviewing one of my latest sponsors which is the Emma mattress. I’ve been really curious with the results because I have a lot of back problems, so having a good mattress is really important for your back health. Besides that sleeping is definitely something I’m not always good at, since I’m always thinking of new ideas and my mind tends to race while my body is super tired. Sounds familiar?

About the mattress:

Emma is a brand originally from Germany but now available for many European countries (just switch languages on the right side of the website) and offers only one Emma mattress suitable for everyone. I was super skeptical at first, because I didn’t believe it so I asked Mariska one of the Dutch representatives all my questions. The reason why it’s suitable for everyone is because the mattress is build out of three layers of foam. The bottom layer is supportive cold foam, followed by visco-elastic memory foam. This basically makes sure that your back is supportive and the foam adapts to your figure. The top layer is called hypersoft and has a breathable open structure to regulate your temperature.  The cover around the foam is washable and made so you can directly sleep on the Emma mattress (which I don’t but that’s ok). All foam is produced in Europe (Germany and Belgium to be exact) if you order from a European country. Be aware: British customers will have their mattress produced especially in the UK!

I’ve been sleeping on it for 10 days and first I had a lot of back problems, which made me even more skeptical, but now it seems my body is slowly adjusting to it. I have no back pain anymore and I love it! It’s not too firm and not too soft.

Also: you can test the mattress for 100 nights to really see if it fits you. If you don’t like it you get your money back! Only question is: would you try it? And what do you think of new mattress brands like these? Curious to know your thoughts!

Hope you’re having a good start of the week!



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