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red trend red trend

ENG // Hi my loves! I hope you’ve got a good start of the week so far. Last weekend I went to grab a coffee (always a cappuccino) at my favorite coffee place and while pulling another look for you guys I definitely noticed there’s a Spring trend this season. All the shops are filled with red jumpers, trousers, tartan blouses and accessories. Although it’s quite an aggressive colour it’s also a romantic one that is super welcome in dull times like winter and the transition to Spring. Who thinks they can’t pull this colour off is mistaken!

About the look:

Although I will show you more outfits in this spring trend I thought of starting with this super cute leopard printed skirt by Zara and a high impact jumper by Stradivarius. The last one being super cute because of it’s butterfly sleeves (unfortunately you can’t see it here so I added a picture where you can). I’ve attached a link to it that shows a similar one, but you CAN get the one I’m wearing in the shops (new collection), just not in the Dutch online webshop (unfortunately!). A great way to have a feminine touch in your look though. With it I wore my favourite pointy heels which are still also available at Zara.

All the items together makes it a fun and easy weekend outfit to go out in. I always try to combine red with black so it’s not too over the top. I guess that’s what people are most afraid off when wearing this Spring trend. What do you think of this look? And of course have you incorporated this trend in your wardrobe already?

Would love to know your thoughts on the looks and the items. Comment below or give me a shoutout on Instagram! Wishing you a lovely day my angels.

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