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What’s up lovely ladies! Time for a recap of last week and of course another pink look (still going strong on that theme). For all the fast readers: scroll below for all the cute items I’m wearing, click on the link and mix it into your wardrobe. Easy! What I’ve been doing last week? It was Kingsday and of course I had to celebrate it with a few of my girls. It was on the planning to make an awesome picture for you guys but somehow along the way I didn’t like the concept I had in mind so I threw all the pictures out (blogger life!).

About the Sunday outfits:

Let’s start with the upper one, leaving no shame in wearing pink when you’re older than 25 (oh yes). How hilarious are these tropical pants? I thought it would be fun to let my inner bird of paradise shine and I hope it worked out. What do you think of this look, the jacket and the pants? Super curious what your thoughts are on this one. The second one in the middle was a fun excursion to the canals of A’dam, which are about 15 minutes from where I live. You can find them directly in the centre all these beautiful streets so it’s easy to find a nice spot. I’m wearing an easy harem pants, blouse to make the collar pop and jumper since the temperatures are still super low here. All the items of these two looks can be found below. Don’t forget to comment also to let me know which of these two Sunday looks you prefer?

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Happy Friday ladies! Who’s ready to crush the weekend in a whole new pink look? That would be me! I almost forgot about this look since I’ve had two crazy weeks personally and I’m not sure if I should share it, or if I shouldn’t. Let’s just say sometimes life gives you lemons and you have to make lemonade of it. Just like many of you I sometimes also have to make choices that are heavy. It’s not all about the superficial outside but definitely about the inside, about friends, family and feeling a connection with the people around you. My advice for this week: cherish your friends! The real ones will stick to you till the end (if you return them the favour of course! Be good to them).

Enough about life experiences, let’s see what this look is about! Since Spring has arrived I’m into blush and pink tones as you can tell. Not sure why I like this colour so much, since my tan isn’t really there yet, but I do like the soft feeling it gives to the picture. Last year I’ve been wearing black way too much, and as a result I came across a bit hard and I guess unreachable. That’s not what I’m about (at all), so I think it’s always good to experiment to see what really fits you. You feel different during a whole year, so why not wear something different?

In this pink look I’m wearing a high waisted harem pants that are still tight around the ankles (love those). Another fun printed off the shoulder top to go with it and some killer heels to finish the look. To compliment the heels I’m wearing a black studded shoulder bag which is definitely an item I’m wearing a lot lately. More important: what would you wear from this look? What’s your favorite item? Let me know in the comment section below, or follow the shopping links I’ve got ready for you:

Have a lovely weekend!

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