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cherry t-shirt cherry t-shirt cherry t-shirt cherry t-shirt

Hello lovely ladies! Sorry it’s been a week again since I wrote a full blogpost. Time goes too fast if you ask me! I’ve got so many more beautiful looks I want to share with you, but I couldn’t find the time to write all about them. Let’s start with this week’s cherry t-shirt which definitely was one of the favorite pieces I got sponsored lately. Let me know by commenting below what you think of this current Instagram trend? I’ll update you soon with more details of upcoming looks so do check my Instagram daily!

About this cherry t-shirt:

So it’s been a hot item (not only a hot summer) the past few weeks: the cherry t-shirt. Everyone owns one by now, but how do you style it in a cool way? I personally pulled a more casual look with this one. Since it’s not standing out on it’s own I combined it with really the basics: a leather jacket, the boots, and if you do want to pop out more you can go for a red bag, or other red accessories like earrings. I should seriously invest in some more accessories anyway, but always find myself at the shoe section again or picking another comfortable jeans. Which is stupid because they really make the difference in a look!

About last week:

Last week more and more of you girls started to ask me about how I edit my pictures. I’m still planning to do a youtube tutorial about how I make a flatlay + editing, so I’ll tackle both subjects. It just takes a bit of organizing so please be patient! Still: I’m wondering what other subjects you girls are curious about? About blogging or writing? About posing in pictures, styling tips or community building? More travel destinations? More interior posts? About life in general? How you fall 7 times and get up 8? Because that’s the way it goes, also in the bloggosphere. A big thanks to all of you girls who’re coming along with me in this journey. I love reading all your comments and remarks. Keep me sharp and let me know below in the comment section where you would like to see more of!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend ahead. Enjoy the time with your loved ones!

Here are the items that I’m wearing, or else a substitute that comes close:


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fashion, outfits


Hello lovely girls! How was your past week? Just before we hop into the weekend it’s time for another natural look. This time inspired by nature, I thought I would step away from all the pink and show you a more formal/mature outfit. How do you like this easy going formal combo?¬†Curious what you girls think so leave a comment in the section below my loves.

About this natural look:

I’ve been reevaluating my looks of the past 2 months and that’s exactly when I think it’s time for change. I never hang on one style or trend for too long as I absolutely love to try and experiment with new items and colours. That’s why I guess I chose to become a blogger and show you girls something new every week. I couldn’t imagine having a 9 to 5 job actually and I love it when every day is different. I have big respect for peeps who do their job very accurate and systematic, but I’m way too chaotic to do that. So, enough about me, more about this look!

The best combo is always a jacket and formal pants combo, you can never go wrong with that. These trousers are from linnen, which gives them a super airy feeling that’s perfect for summer. In this perfect shade of green that matches my new sandals so good! They’re so comfortable to walk in. Always finish your look with a nice belt, earrings or a good bag. Those small things really do the trick. If you’re curious I’ve listed all the items in this look below for you to have a look at. Click on the image and have a go my loves.

Watch me as I go on Instagram Stories to never miss an update (or when you have any comments or just want to say hi!). Wishing you all a great weekend with lots of free time spend with your loved ones.

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