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Hello lovely ladies! I hope you’re all enjoying a well deserved relaxed Sunday. I thought I would update you girls with a new all black look and of course a little recap of the past 2 (!) weeks. First off: yes that’s right, this outfit looks like it’s autumn already, in a sense it kind of is. It’s been raining so much here in Amsterdam lately, that it’s super hard to take pictures with a lovely sun and summer vibes all over. That has really been a challenge! BUT don’t be sad, I do have another post coming up of me running around in one of my newest bikini’s, so summer isn’t over yet.

About last week:

Unfortunately last week I was quite sick for a few days, ending with a check up at the hospital. Everything ended up good, but it still of course got me out of my super focussed zone I was in lately. And now it takes a bit of energy to get back on track, do you know what I mean? I’ve been thinking of so many new concepts lately, as I want to take this blog to a next level. For example I would like to see if you girls would be interested in a hotspot guide, what are the best instagrammable places to eat, or locations to take a picture at.

Also, I’m still thinking of starting my own youtube channel. With weekly hauls, tips on how to edit your pictures professionally, beauty products I tested or small travel vlogs of places I visited. It’s always when I have so many ideas in my head, I need to ‘play’ with them first before I make a decision on which direction I want to go to. Of course your help is much appreciated so if you have anything you would like to see from me: leave a comment below or DM on my instagram account.

About the all black look:

Ok enough of the pink invasion on my feed lately. I was in the mood for something more businesslike, but with a definite edge to it. This coat was gifted to me by the lovely girls from SuperTrash, a Dutch brand that has sophisticated but very wearable clothes. Do check them out if you have time left. I combined it with one of my favorite handbags from Markberg, a skirt and body from Zara and H&M and of course I couldn’t leave the house without my coffee to go. What do you think of this all black look my angels? Leave a comment and have a look at all the products listed above (also similar ones). Have a little shopping spree if you dare and I wish you girls a lovely week ahead already.

Big kisses!

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30th June 2016
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As I always say: new week, new wardrobe! And this week I could add 4 sponsored summer items that I styled in as much summer looks. I definitely know what my favorite piece is but of course I’m super curious which one is yours? Scroll down to find all the (non-affiliate) links to the items I’ve styled.

About last week:

I’ve really tried to schedule in my youtube video but somehow along the way I’ve been super busy with styling new looks and getting new sponsorships. I kind of shifted the effort to Instagram Stories where I’ve had a lot of fun creating new small video’s for you girls! I hope you had a chance to have a glance at them and let me know what you think? I’ve had a lot of questions about how I edit my pictures again so that’s my first youtube video probably, but if you have any suggestions on more subjects for my channel I would love to hear so! I think a weekly haul would be cool to do as well.

About the summer items:

I’ve picked a few items that I knew could go for casual but also for chic. One of my favorites is the floral top, but be careful as it is pretty short so do wear it with a high waisted skirt, jeans or shorts. I’m a sucker for these butterfly sleeves they make it look so feminine! Also the shorts are super cute for a casual festival look and that’s exactly the way I styled it. Finish the look with a cute ribbon or floral head band and you’re ready to go!

Click on the images to find the direct links to these summer items and while you’re shopping don’t forget to comment below your favorite look of course.

Curious what your thoughts are! Wishing you a lovely day ahead angels.


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