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I’m wearing: triumph negligee and kimono

Hurray it’s valentines day! And for those who’re still single (like me): don’t dispair! Treat yourself with a good shopping spree, a night out with your girl friends, a good cup of coffee or tea in the morning or write down those goals you want to achieve this year. Or perhaps it’s a good idea to spoil your (girl) friends who’re also single? Is anyone still having their new years resolutions btw? Just curious!

What post to write on valentines day when you’re single but you’re a blogger and you know many of your followers do have a boyfriend? I went searching for the best valentines hotel that Amsterdam has to offer of course. That’s how I found Citizen M. Just so you girls can have a look on where to spend your next night in this beautiful city! If you like design, contemporary art and a big breakfast for good money this is absolutely a good hotel to go to. I’m not much fan of the whole commercial valentines gifting idea, but I do like to get away and visit new places and spaces. The staff is super friendly and helpful, I really enjoyed my stay there.

About the room:

All rooms have XXL double beds with a rain shower (yes!) and everything can be controlled from an iPad: lights, tv, and curtains. Especially the tech nerds among us can eat their hearts out. I stayed at their Amsterdam Zuid location which is easily accessible by metro and tram. Within 15 minutes you’re in the city centre!

Of course I’m curious what you think of the hotel, what I’m wearing and what you did on valentines day? Did you treat yourself or your boyfriend/girlfriend? What valentines day hotel would you recommend?

Curious to know your thoughts!