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Hey girls! It’s been a while since I wrote a blogpost but this is a special occasion: it’s almost Christmas time! Who’s excited for the upcoming holidays? Did you already do all of your Christmas shopping? I think I might have found a perfect Christmas present for you to consider.

How do you end up with buying something that someone really wants? I usually go for the direct approach and ask if someone could give me 3 options of what he or she wants. That way they won’t end up selling their gifts on Ebay and everyone stays happy. If you’re in the other position and you might question if someone is going to buy you the perfect present: just tell them what you want and you might get it!

The past year I’ve worked with a lot of different watch brands but one that really stands out is Olivia Burton. They have this very feminine design and brand logo which is a bee. Have you seen it in 3D in this rose mesh edition that I’ve chosen from their current collection? It’s really something different than all the other brands but still keeps its elegancy. Perfect for when you’re wearing a classy outfit.

In this watch the clock is light ash grey, and together with the rose metal it really suits girls who like to make a subtle but special appearance. Here I’ve combined it with pink, that matches the rose and makes the grey stand out. What do you think of this color combo? I always choose mesh over any leather straps since my experience is that they will last way longer. Especially with this price you want to gift something that’s durable.

For US citizens you can shop the watch by clicking here. All Dutch readers can shop the watch here, since different web shops offer different prices (and shipping costs).

*This is a sponsored blogpost. Yet I do test and give my honest opinion about the brands and items I promote.

Wishing you all a lovely week ahead and let me know what you think of my new watch in the comments of course. Looking forward to read your thoughts!

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Last week I had to chance to work together with another really cute jewellery brand called Dose of Rose from the UK. And why not start the weekend with some jewellery inspiration to gaze at! Also a great way to treat yourself or anyone else for valentines day. You might also have noticed that I was a little bit absent on IG, this because I had another freelance job I had to finish first before getting back to my daily blog routine.

Enough about that! Let’s see what items I picked from Dose of Rose. I think the price and quality ratio of this brand is perfect. Don’t expect real silver and gold, but the designs are cute to wear during the day and give your looks just a cool minimalistic finish. I went for the silver package of three earrings which I think is really cool. All earrings are kind of unique in their designs but classy enough to each wear with any outfit. And that’s exactly what I like! Also my favorite is the golden pendant to optionally engrave your initials in, pretty cute for valentines day!

As you all know I love jewellery since it really enhances your look. What do you think of this jewellery brand and the items I picked? Have you seen anything that caught your eye?

This weekend I’ll be shooting a very special Valentines look so stay tuned! Wishing you all a lovely weekend.




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