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Hey girls! It’s been a while since I wrote a blogpost but this is a special occasion: it’s almost Christmas time! Who’s excited for the upcoming holidays? Did you already do all of your Christmas shopping? I think I might have found a perfect Christmas present for you to consider.

How do you end up with buying something that someone really wants? I usually go for the direct approach and ask if someone could give me 3 options of what he or she wants. That way they won’t end up selling their gifts on Ebay and everyone stays happy. If you’re in the other position and you might question if someone is going to buy you the perfect present: just tell them what you want and you might get it!

The past year I’ve worked with a lot of different watch brands but one that really stands out is Olivia Burton. They have this very feminine design and brand logo which is a bee. Have you seen it in 3D in this rose mesh edition that I’ve chosen from their current collection? It’s really something different than all the other brands but still keeps its elegancy. Perfect for when you’re wearing a classy outfit.

In this watch the clock is light ash grey, and together with the rose metal it really suits girls who like to make a subtle but special appearance. Here I’ve combined it with pink, that matches the rose and makes the grey stand out. What do you think of this color combo? I always choose mesh over any leather straps since my experience is that they will last way longer. Especially with this price you want to gift something that’s durable.

For US citizens you can shop the watch by clicking here. All Dutch readers can shop the watch here, since different web shops offer different prices (and shipping costs).

*This is a sponsored blogpost. Yet I do test and give my honest opinion about the brands and items I promote.

Wishing you all a lovely week ahead and let me know what you think of my new watch in the comments of course. Looking forward to read your thoughts!

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sleep in sleep in sleep in

Hi girls! I hope you’re all having a good week so far. It’s been quite busy here but of course I couldn’t wait to introduce you to a sleepwear (and bridal wear) brand from Australia I’ve recently ‘discovered’ called Homebodii. I love collaborating with Australian brands as they always have very feminine styles that I completely miss here in Europe. This brand is no exception! That’s why I’m super curious if you think the same?


Lucky me I could pick two beautiful items of their current collection to style. To test them I only had one option and that was to sleep in them of course! Above I styled this beautiful Cleo cami set in Size M and the Bella robe which is unfortunately sold out at the moment. But they do have a lot of other beautiful robes so make sure you have a click down below if you like something you see. I really love the colour of the garments and the lace finish is also something I think gives it a very feminine touch.

The pieces are definitely comfortable enough to sleep in as the cami set has a racer back (also with lace) and gives you enough freedom to move. The robe is perfect for having a glamorous breakfast on your big (wedding) day or just when you want to treat yourself for once! It definitely gives that weekend feeling a pink edge if you ask me. Some of my favorites to sleep in are (and some reduced in prince!):

I’m very curious how you girls think I styled these pieces and of course what you think of this gorgeous sleepwear brand? Make sure you leave a comment or check out my Instagram for the latest updates (and Stories) and let me know. Thank you all for always responding!

Giving each of you a warm hug,




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