Hello ladies and happy Monday to you! How was your weekend? Let’s start this week with a smashing new look combining this beautiful green pleated skirt. Are you ready for another green invasion?

First of all: sorry for my lack of updates the past few days. A more personal issue had my attention and then it’s hard to keep your mind on blogging only! Of course there is so much more behind a person than just the surface you see on Instagram, so don’t forget: I’m a human too with doubts and issues (which sometimes I try to share and sometimes I don’t). It also depends on what my audience (you) wants to see from me, so I hope we’re on this journey together and I will find out what you girls want me to write about (and what not!). I hopefully can tell you more about it later though!

About the look:

I’ve recently been gifted two beautiful pair of shoes (one heels and one kind of sneaker like shoes) by EliseStore. You can see me wearing the cut out green heels from their store in this new look. They fit like a glove, and I really love the height of the heels (which is about 4 inch). Super happy with these beauties! And the price tag is also super friendly for your budget.

Of course I combined them with my new H&M green pleated skirt. It’s made from quite heavy fabric and half length so it falls really nicely when you walk. There’s also a light shine to it as you can see on the pictures, which I totally adore! I pulled the striped white/green blouse from H&M  to go with it and form a nice contrast to the rest of the items. You can wear this look as a cute outfit for during the weekends and really show off your personality with adding some cool accessories. What do you think of this fresh spring look? Would you wear this green pleated skirt in one of your outfits? Comment below or give me a shoutout on IG where you’ll find more recent updates as usual!



Here’s the look I suggest: