Hello lovely ladies! How has your week been so far? Has spring entered your hearts already? It sure entered my wardrobe with this new metallic skirt look. I fell in love with this metallic plissé skirt last summer and I couldn’t help but pull it straight away as soon as the sun was shining! Read below what else I combined in this spring outfit.

About the look:

What’s so fun about this a metallic skirt look is the diversity and ‘depth’ as you may call it of the outfit. I really like contrasting fabrics and textures, and with a skirt like this it’s super easy and fun to do. I’m not a big fan of bright colours as you might know, so I kept it close to me by pairing it with my new black Comegetfashion bag and Sacha booties. The perfect accessories to give it a classic base. Another love story was this green blouse with volant in front. Please buy it one size smaller as it’s definitely oversized for some reason (I’m wearing an S). A detail I personally really like is the collar, which looks similar to a turtle neck and pops up from under your coat or jacket. A super nice detail if you ask me.

Beneath are the links to shop this look! What do you think of this mid-week metallic skirt look? Is it something you would wear?