new iphone case new iphone case new iphone case

Hi lovelies! Happy weekend and I hope you’re all enjoying some well deserved free time of your own. It’s been a while since I blogged due to personal reasons, so sorry about that! I’ll write a more personal post next week in which I’ll explain a little more. Right now I’m getting back at my desk again and pulling some new looks for you as always. And what not better than to pick two brand new iPhone cases by Caseable to go with them!

About these babies:

Caseable is a super cool brand that offers a wide range of cases for a variety of devices (think if iPad, iPhone, tablets, e-readers and so on). They have sponsored me two iPhone cases since I recently had a new iPhone 7 and hey how cool is it to match your phone with the rest of your look! I absolutely love these little details and I’m absolutely a sucker for matching colours. I know, super dull, but hey it just looks good. New look, change of new iphone case, that’s how it works for me.

So I dived into their case collection but you don’t necessarily have to do that, you can also make your own and upload it to the website, if you’re more the creative type (and I think many of you are). The cases are made of recycled water bottles which is innovative way to reduce waste. Something I definitely appreciate when getting to know a new brand. Of course I picked a geometrical patterned case since I always have a thing for graphic design and the other one I picked is of course, marble. I think in the end I’ll wear the first one I mentioned a tiny bit more, because black and white always fits right.

Which of these new iphone cases do you prefer? Comment below and let me know what you think! For the rest of the weekend I’m planning on doing my administration (Oh yes), have a few coffees with friends and getting back to blogging since I wasn’t able to do much the past 1,5 week. It feels good to be back! I hope you enjoy reading my posts and of course keep me posted on Instagram where I update daily.

Veel liefs! Muchos besos!