Hello and happy weekend! And yes it’s here again. Finally two full days of drinking¬†coffee at every corner, swiping through netflix, strolling downtown to see your friends and of course some occasional shopping (and a big brunch!). I pulled a monochrome outfit this time to drive your fashion senses and see how you girls like this look. Can’t wait for that spring to really kick off though, as temperatures are still not that warm here in Amsterdam!

About this monochrome outfit:

I’m wearing a long houndstooth patterned Mango coat with a really nice cut and some embellishment at the collar. Definitely pick a smaller size though because it is kind of oversized if you ask me. Normally I’m not so into droopy shoulders (more into square ones actually) but it was the only patterned coat in all the collections that I really liked. Sometimes I’m into prints more than before, this to kind of ‘break’ the plain minimalistic looks that have been really popular last year.

One of the newest additions to my spring wardrobe is this beautiful COMEGETFASHION bag with golden details. An absolute stunner for an allblack look as well! If you haven’t checked out their webshop, you should definitely do so, they offer some fun styles for Dutch women. Another stunner are these supercool worn out jeans with removable feather trimmings at the bottom (I’m not kidding!). The patent leather loafers, white jumper and fishnet stockings give this monochrome outfit that contemporary Scandinavian feel. What do you think of this spring look? Comment below or leave me a comment on IG (which I update more frequently) to show me some love!