Welcome to my preset webshop! Over the 3 years that I’m working as an influencer on Instagram, I’ve extensively got to know the editing program Lightroom and started to develop and fine tune these super easy photo filters. They’re a must-have for any beginning or established influencer out there and I can’t wait to show you how they look on your photo’s!

Tired of struggling to make your pictures look good?

➺ I’m selling single presets, which means you know EXACTLY what you’re buying. Please have a look at MY PRESET INSTAGRAM PAGE where you can check out how it will look in a grid and join my preset community using #annespresets

➺ These presets are a One Click solution for anyone who wants to step up their editing game. Compatible with JPEG/RAW files plus of course the FREE ADOBE LIGHTROOM APP.

➺ You can download the FREE app in THE APP STORE or GOOGLE PLAY

Please visit the ‘Before you buy‘ and the ‘How To‘ page to get all the info you need about the Lightroom app or subscription, and how to implement the presets to your Android or iPhone. 

Don’t forget to use #Annespresets so I can check out your work. Looking so much forward to your creations


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