Happy Sunday ladies! Today I’ll be showing you how to pimp up your Instagram Stories by adding music and animated text with the Hype Type app. I’ve had so many questions of you girls and it’s time that I reveal my little secret so you can also enjoy the benefits. I’m all about editing and pimping existing movies, pictures or boomerangs so let me know if you have any suggestions of your own <3 

How to add music to Instagram Stories + animated text

It’s pretty straight forward how to add music to Instagram Stories: download the app, start a new session and pick a picture, a video or a boomerang to start with. Next you’ll see the text ‘double tap to edit’ and you can start the fun. Click on the ‘T’ symbol to edit the text and chose different transitions. Below the transitions you’ll find sets of three colours. Be aware: every tap on a set is changing the letters into a different colour.

Then it’s time to add some music. Since Instagram Stories are usually upto 15 seconds there’s no artistic infringement and you can pick any music song you want (which is awesome btw). I usually go for the more calm, soothing songs that are easy to listen to. Another option you see is how long the text should be visible during the movie (duration). It has become extremely easy for me now to show you new clothes I get in and animate the ‘swipe up’ text that is usually pretty dull. I first of course create a Story, download it on my phone and then animate it in the Hype Type app.

Time for you to put your editing skills to the test! Here’s the direct link for iPhone users to download the app. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the app for Android users (so sorry!). I know I’m definitely not the early adapter here but it’s still fun to share with you some tips and tricks I think. Please let me know if you’ve found this blogpost useful and you’d like to see (and learn) more about how I edit my pictures or video’s?

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Have a lovely day my angels and I wish you a good start of the week tomorrow, big big kiss!

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