So you’ve come to this page because you want to know a little more about the Adobe Lightroom presets, great!

I love teaching you more about it since it’s my big passion to edit pictures, as you probably know since you (hopefully) follow me already on Instagram. If you don’t maybe it’s time you do!

➺ check out the IGTV video’s I created to edit with this beautiful program called Lightroom (the mobile app in this case). You can download it for FREE in the iTunes Store or in Google Play. For Lightroom Classic CC (desktop) you need an Adobe subscription which you can get here.

1. What are Presets?

Presets are basically filters for your photo’s and Adobe Lightroom is a professional program to create them with. The filters are colour enhancements to give your pictures that unique look. Adobe Lightroom Classic CC is a powerful program to create your presets, and definitely something I’m using in combination with a DSLR camera. Or you can download the free Lightroom app and use your smartphone.

2. What’s the difference between Desktop and Mobile presets?

The mobile Lightroom app is perfect for traveling and on-the-go. I always use it to final tweak my pictures. For the best results though I use RAW files shot with my DSLR camera in combination with the desktop version of Lightroom. Most of you use a smartphone, which uses JPEG and the free Lightroom app. Be aware there’s a huge difference in quality, but for the moment if you’re just looking into it the free mobile Lightroom app is a super cool way to elevate your editing skills.

My Desktop presets can only be used for Lightroom Classic CC 7.1 or higher. If you wish to buy them and you have Lightroom 4 – 7.1 please send me an email! Be aware that my desktop presets are not suitable for the mobile app and my mobile presets are not suitable for the desktop version of Lightroom.

3. What can I expect when buying your presets?

Buying my style! I created these presets in two versions for both Desktop & Mobile packages, (1) is the overexposed version where I already adjusted the exposure, shadows and highlights and (2) is the ‘normal’ version with only the colour enhancements. These are the presets I’ve been using the past few months, when my Instagram has really began to take of. If you’re looking for a way to make your feed look cohesive and professional in just one click, presets are the way to go.

4. Will my pictures look exactly the same as yours?

Be aware that you always have to tweak your picture, depending on the camera you’re using, the light, the lense and so fort. Start with the exposure, shadows or highlights if you don’t like what you see and try different presets on the picture. Or (I can’t stress this enough) use my IGTV tutorials to get an idea of how the app looks, what you need to tweak and how it all works! I always tweak my picture a LOT, so getting the EXACT same result like me is an illusion. You have to create your own unique style. These presets are a great start!

5. How do I install my presets?

Go to the ‘How To‘ Page and you’ll get an idea. With each preset package you get a detailed installation guide on how to install the presets on your mobile or on your desktop.

6. My skin tone looks funny! How do I fix that?

For the mobile app go to > Colour > Mix and choose the orange colour. Change the hue and saturation to your liking and voilà.  On the desktop version you can change of course the orange colour hue slider the your right side of your panel.

7. I just purchased your presets and didn’t receive an email, help!

After purchase you’ll receive an email with the confirmation of the order in which you’ll find the download link (Paypal). For all my Dutch customers the link will be visible straight after you’ve paid and redirected back to my Website. There will also be sent an email of course so you won’t miss it!  If you didn’t receive any email chances are you misspelled your email address and you can contact me on to get you all set again!

Of course I hope to see lots of your work using the hashtag #Annespresets. I can’t wait to see the results and create (with credits of course) a special Before & After page on this website for you guys!

All sales are final. No refunds. Copying and distributing my presets is prohibited and will be met with legal action.

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