With each package comes an installation guide for desktop or for mobile. NEW! You can now download the mobile presets straight to your mobile phone, after downloading and installing an Unzip app.

How to install the presets directly on your mobile:

Please note that this method is fairlly untested! I’m still looking for the perfect Unzip app for iPhone and Android.

After purchasing your presets, you will receive an email including the download link


1. Download and install an Unzip app for iPhone here, and for Android here.

2. After downloading go back to the order email on your phone

3. Tap the link your order email, this will take you my website: thestylevisitor.com (check this to prevent fishing!)

4. Tap “open with zip tool”

4. This will open the .zip file with my presets in the Unzip app

3. When opened you will see 3 files of which 2 are your presets, the other one is the installation guide just in case

4. Tap on the preset and choose ‘open in’ the menu, then choose the Lightroom app (you must’ve downloaded the Lightroom app first)

5. Lightroom will open with the preset (if it doesn’t, try again)

6. When opened in the Lightroom app, tap ◉◉◉ in the upper right corner

7. Choose ‘copy settings’

8. Go to an unedited picture in Lightroom and tap ◉◉◉ again

9. Choose ‘paste settings’

10. Done! Your image is now edited with my preset

Many thanks for buying my presets. Don’t forget to use #annespresets so I can check out your work and say hi!

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