Hi ladies! How’s everyone’s week so far? Last week the sun finally came out and of course I had to dress accordingly, read: new off shoulder tops, dresses and sunnies entered my wardrobe. Can’t wait to show you those in some new looks! Yet I also had to take in some less good news this week, which you can read on about below.

About this week:

Not sure if you’ve noticed but my Instagram engagement and following dropped immensely the past week. Bummer! I have no idea what it’s about, so I’m trying to figure out what it is. Maybe I should go back to posting on IG twice a day again (I’m posting once a day now)? Not sure if you girls would like that? I always think that it would be too much ‘into your face’ as you don’t want to get updates all the time from someone you follow! But perhaps I’m mistaken, do let me know in a comment below or on IG. If you have any suggestions, something you miss on my blog or something that you might want to see: don’t hesitate to tell me. It’s always a reason for me to get insecure if something like that happens, but I have to say blogging is usually a reflection of how you really feel (at least for me it is).

I’m planning on writing a blogpost about how to make the perfect flatlay for you girls since A LOT of you reacted on the question if I should show you. Perfect! So sweet you girls let me know, I love reading your comments every day.

About the look:

Ok have I told you already that I absolutely love this pink top (especially the sleeves)? I’ve seen other bloggers wearing it in different combinations but I love to wear something simple and elegant with it like this high waisted black legging. The top should be in focus so it’s a waste wearing it with something colourful in my opinion. I’m still pink obsessed so I combined it with this lovely velvet bag. One of my master pieces from this season I must admit. How do you like this pink obsessed look and this amazing looking hotel btw? I always try to surprise you with cute locations! Wishing you all a lovely humpday ahead.