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What are these Instagram Stickers?

Anyone who’s looking for a unique way to make their IG stories stand out from the crowd is going to enjoy using my custom made Instagram Stickers. They’re cool icons, symbols and text phrases that you can easily add to your Stories. No extra app or program needed, just your mobile phone. I’ve made them all myself so you won’t find these anywhere else!

Watch the instruction video for iPhone here (Android will follow) so you know how to install the stickers to your mobile, no computer needed

➺ This package is especially created for all the hard working moms and dads

➺ Each sticker has to be downloaded individually

➺ For Gmail users: don’t use the Gmail app, instead use  on your mobile browser to log in, open the order email and download the stickers. Else the installation will fail

➺ Please kindly leave a review at the bottom of this page if you like the stickers or tag me in your Stories @thestylevisitor so I can check out your account. Happy editing!

➺ This Creative Package contains over 40 stickers for all pregnant ladies, moms and dads who are tech and work savvy including:

  • Babyboy
  • Babygirl
  • Frame
  • BabyShower
  • BodysuitBoy
  • BodysuitGirl
  • BoyOrGirl
  • BumpUpdate
  • CutieAlert
  • Diaper
  • FeedingTime
  • GarlandBoy
  • GarlandGirl
  • GenderReveal
  • Garland1
  • Garland2
  • GoodMorningSunshine
  • HeartBalloons
  • HelloWorld1
  • HelloWorld2
  • Igotitfrommy
  • ImPregnant
  • ManicMomday
  • Milestone
  • Milestone2
  • MilkbottleBoy
  • MilkbottleGirl
  • MilkDrunk
  • BabyMobile
  • Momlife
  • MonthsOld
  • NameCard
  • NapTime
  • Obsessed
  • Pacifier
  • PregnancyWeek
  • PregnantLady
  • ProudDad
  • ProudMom
  • Rattle
  • StrollerBoy
  • StrollerGirl
  • Surprise
  • TeddyBear


All sales are final. Copying and distributing my files is prohibited and will be met with legal action.

Please watch the tutorial to know how to implement the Instagram Stickers to your Instagram Stories.


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