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Hi all! How was your weekend? Did you spend it with friends and family? Did you work or study? I spent it with my friends, went for coffee, did some shopping (for them mostly, I love to advice them) and even had two outfit shoots! Quite productive I would say. What I love to do on Monday morning is to wake up late to treat myself and train a little if I worked the whole weekend. I’ve made some changes to my IG feed over the weekend: I picked another VSCO filter and thought about what you girls wanted to see on my blog and on my feed more. Question is: What do you enjoy most about my feed and blog? Today I thought I would make an interior post about some nice bedroom decoration ideas, instead of showing you another look.

About my bedroom:

I went shopping last week to get myself another cute lingerie set (find the bra here and for some reason I can’t find the bottom online, but it’s new collection so they must have it in store), super addictive I must say. At Forever 21 they have these cute sets for a good price. You can see the set I bought in the picture above. Also this shirt from Stradivarius is new, it has a cute tartan print that fits with most of my monochrome looks. Another new item you see is this bag from Zara. It has silver studs on it and a metal shoulder strap (love those!). As an accessory I bought this big silver necklace from Stradivarius, a must-have item for summer when you’re wearing cute tops and blouses.

My quick bedroom decoration ideas:

  1. Put a chair or small stool next to your bed instead of a cupboard, it makes the room way more personal
  2. Put a small rug or fake animal skin half underneath it
  3. Buy a nice plaid to cover your bed during winter
  4. Buy a small shelve to put all your paintings, drawings or a tea light on it