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Planning a trip to Lisboa or just looking for new city trip inspiration? Here’s my top 5 lisboa Instagram spots!

Below you’ll find the highlights of my 3 day trip to Lisboa (which was WAY too short) and my third trip as an influencer. I’ll not only talk about the city, but also the beautiful places I stayed during my trip and tips for everyone who’s interested in going there. Before I’ll show you my top 5 Lisboa instagram spots I’ll first tell what I think are the best advantages of this unique city in Portugal.


* Beautiful weather, even in October. Plan your trip around high season, since the weather is really good even during fall. I wanted to go to Lisboa in April but then the plane tickets were 420 euro (from Amsterdam Schiphol airport) so I decided to postpone it to October which was the right decision. I paid 185 euro retour inclusive 20 kg baggage. Make sure though you take pictures during the morning and late afternoon/evening, since it will be too hot during the day when you’re out and about discovering the city.

** The many breathtaking overviews (called a Miradouro) over the city give you a great opportunity to take pictures while discovering more of the area. You can chill, have a drink nearby (try the vinho verde or green wine), enjoy the view and then continue your journey. It’s really something that I’ve only seen in Lisboa so far which makes it quite unique in my opinion in Europe.

*** The extremely friendly Portugese people who love to tell you more about their culture. I recognise this openness as a Dutchie and absolutely loved it (I’m quite the talker). You can easily start conversations and get to know more people (if you want to). There wasn’t anyone who didn’t want to tell us more about the city, the Portugese, the food or society related subjects.

**** The many many different castles, churches, cathedrals and houses give a wide variety of backgrounds and rich history. You can go up to Cascais for a day or two and go to the beach there or visit Palacio da Pena in Sintra. It offers therefore a nice change in atmosphere, nature and city scape.

***** I know this is a very practical one, but Uber is really really cheap there compared to the Dutch Uber. In Amsterdam the Ubers are almost as expensive as the taxi’s nowadays and you can move very quickly around the city if you’re in a hurry.



The first night we stayed at gorgeous Villa Cascais in Cascais, 40 minutes from the airport of Lisbon, which is in a small town next to Lisboa. The price of our room starts at 175 euro a night (depending on availability), but it was absolutely worth it considering the following:

  • Breathtaking view over the beach of Cascais, 100 meter walk and you could take a swim in the ocean
  • Absolutely stunning interior and bathroom. A unique style of total green or blue rooms. Yes even the ceilings are green (or blue!).
  • A very extended breakfast buffet with ice cubes, detox smoothies, quiche, warm croissants, you name it they had it. I don’t think I ever had such a good breakfast (and I’m crazy about breakfasts) in a hotel.
  • Hair dryer, free wifi, minibar, a lot of cabin space, airconditioning, bath, rain shower, toiletries

Please have a look at this gorgeous room here if you consider booking it.

Personal tip: we want to thank the wonderful staff for taking care of us for one night, we absolutely had a dream of a room and enjoyed our stay so much. It’s very easy from Villa Cascais to go up North to Sintra, where Palacia da Pena is. An absolute must-see and easier to access from here than from Lisboa itself.


Finally here they are. Well, of course I couldn’t choose, so I made a top 6! I hope you like what you see.


NIGHT 2 and 3:

Our second and third night we slept at Garam Lisboa which is in Lisboa itself. The prices of the rooms are from €80 euro a night. A perfect choice since it’s situated in the Estrela district, between Belèm Tower and the other sights we wanted to visit. A true Lisboa experience considering the following:

  • The boho-chique interior styled rooms. I really liked the all white bed room we stayed in.
  • Having breakfast at a community table. Definitely more of an social act to have breakfast with your fellow guests. Our lovely breakfast lady asked us every morning what we wanted to have, fresh orange juice and eggs with bacon was served. Perfect start of the day!
  • Friendly staff that helped us with tips discovering the city. Unfortunately we were too tired to have some drinks with them, but they were really open to get to know us.
  • Close to the trams and public transportation to get you anywhere around the city.
  • Fee wifi, minibar, airconditioning, rain shower, hair dryer, toiletries

If you can’t hold your curiosity you might want to check out their website to book the room.

Also many thanks to Garam Lisboa for your hospitality and kindness! There are still many breakfast and lunch spots to discover which we had no time to do so. Next time I’ll definitely show you more about the food options. I would love to go there again in April 2019 so keep your eyes peeled. Until then I’ll be finishing my vlog hopefully in a week so you get the idea of where we’ve been.


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Deze foto’s zijn zo mooooi ! Love it <3

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